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Drama & Social Skills Workshop aged 16-25

Drama & Social Skills Workshop, Tunbridge Wells 27 & 28 Aug
Do you know someone (aged 16-25) who might benefit from this drama and social skills' experience? Below are some details:
  • The student will receive guidance and support throughout their visit and during performances of 'Toad on the Road' at Tunbridge Wells. [Please note that there is no pressure to perform as a cast member can take over the role at any moment].
  • The student will be rehearsed into a role and have a chance to practice the song with the actors.
  • The student's school or college will receive a report that, if appropriate, may be included in a work portfolio.

If you have any questions. please contact Anni Rhodes-Steere, Head2Head Theatre, on 01372 278021 or mobile 07519 747290.

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