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Section: Education

Subsection: Educational Terms explained


A decision taken because of behaviour

Every School has a Behaviour policy covering behaviour before and after school. It will outline the school's general approach to discipline. Sometimes, the Headteacher will make the decision to exclude a pupil. There are 2 types of exclusion:

  • Fixed period (suspension). Can be excluded for up to 45 days in each school year
  • Permanent (expulsion)

The school should set and mark work for the first 5 days of any exclusion. (For longer fixed term exclusions the school should sort further work and for permanent exclusions the Local Authority take responsibility to obtain educational provision from day 6).

When a child is excluded a letter should be sent to the parents informing them of the length and reason for exclusion and how to appeal against the decision.

If the exclusion is permanent, you have a right of appeal to the governors and then to the Local Authority or (if it is an Academy, to the Academy Trust). If your child has been excluded and is disabled and/or has SEN, both schools and local authorities have legal duties towards you and your child.

We can provide information, advice and support if your child has Special Educational Needs and/or a disability and has been excluded from school. Please contact us on the telephone number above.