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Section: Equipment

Subsection: Equipment at home and school

Additional Resources - Parent Suggestions

Equipment tips from other parents

Each of our children are unique and so the items that they need can be varied and very unusual. We are inviting parents to let us know of any resources or equipment that they have found useful and may be of interest to others. Here are a few to get started (click the purple titles for website):

  • The Play Doctors: This website sells a number of resources including communication fans and sensory toys. Although aimed at children with autism they can be used by anyone.
  • Sense Toys: They stock a large range of sensory toys for all children with SEN. They also stock educational toys and books and resources for toilet training including some laminated picture cards to help sequence the stages of toileting.
  • Bag Books: Multi-sensory stories for people with learning disabilities. The majority of these are designed for professionals to use with young people and adults but they do have a story specifically for home use and is priced at a very reasonable £10.
  • Tom Tag: A tool that can be used to help promote your child’s independence with packing their school bag. It can also be adapted for a variety of uses. The website portrays a number of ways that this can be used: a visual timetable for self-care, or school lessons are just two of the possible suggestions.
  • Blue Assist: Primarily an app based software, although there are cards available. The Blue Assist scheme aims to promote independence for young people by enabling them to ask for help whilst out in the community.
  • Brain In Hand: More assistive technology, this one can act as a diary/reminder. It can help a person have a detailed plan as to what to do when they face challenges, it is fully customisable and is worth looking into.
  • Go Talk App: This app enables you to turn your ipad into a fully customisable AAC Go Talk.

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