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Section: Equipment

Subsection: Equipment at home and school

Clothing and Shoes - Parent Suggestions

Organisations that can assist with shoes and clothing

The following are parent suggestions for companies and charities that sell items of clothing and or shoes that have been found to be useful for their families. If you come across a company that you think should be included in the list, please let us know!

Fledglings- Aims to source the things you need, but can’t find. Including:

  • Sleeping bags for older children (similar style to baby ‘gro bags’.)
  • Swim wear.
  • Vests with poppers for older children (Racketys)
  • Neckerchiefs/aprons/bibs.

Incy Wincy- Swimwear for incontinent children and adults.

Racketys– ‘Helpful clothing for adults and youngsters with disabilities’. Including

  • Rackety popper vests
  • Night wear
  • Swimwear
  • Aprons and Bibs

Sensory Smart- ‘Clothing solutions for sensitive kids.’ Clothes without seams etc.

Seen in- ‘Stylish Solutions for Special Needs’

  • Including sleep wear
  • Clothing for cold limbs
  • Seamfree socks for AFO’s
  • Dribble solutions

Specialist Footwear

If you child requires additional support to maintain good foot/limb posture, you should be entitled to one item through the NHS. This may be either a custom made support, such as an A.F.O, (ankle foot orthosis), to be worn underneath a pair of ordinary shoes or boots, or a pair of specialist boots/ shoes.

Sometimes parents wish to buy a second pair of specialist boots/ shoes. These are two websites to try:

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