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Section: Education

Subsection: Primary Years

Transitions– Year to Year

Infant to Junior, Junior to Secondary

Moving from year to year or school to school can be very difficult for some children. Schools can often make the process easier by getting children to visit the new classroom, teacher and support workers a few times in the summer term. If you feel that your child may need more visits than their peers then just ask the school if these could be planned in. As the summer holidays can seem like a lifetime to a child it may be beneficial for the new teacher to organise a booklet of photographs of your child’s new classroom, work area, peg area, new teacher and Learning Support Assistant (LSA), playground also entrance (if a new school). This could also be complimented with a short story of ‘what to expect’ as you move to a new class.

It can be quite an anxious time for the parents too because you and your child are having to start all over again with new staff. To aid this transition arrange a meeting with the new staff and give them any information that will help them understand your child’s needs. It would be beneficial to write these points down and leave them with the new staff so they can re-read just before the new term.

Make your child’s teacher/LSA aware of any concerns as early as possible so that they have time to implement strategies and reduce your child’s anxieties.