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Spectrum Breaks...

A holiday centre for families with autistic children
Spectrum Breaks

Hartlands, 41 Victoria Avenue, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, PO37 5LT:

In 2010 Colin and Elaine Pratt made the decision to change their lives and set up a holiday centre for families with autistic children.

The inspiration came from their youngest son Thomas (now 19) who was diagnosed at three with severe autism and epilepsy following brain surgery. Through Thomas and talking to others they learned ways to create a lifestyle around autism and the many challenges it brings.

Going on holiday was one of the challenges, a time most people take to recharge batteries they found stressful and exhausting, so it seemed logical that a holiday centre specifically setup for families with autistic children would be a worthwhile venture, a holiday centre specifically designed just for them.

They named the project Spectrum Breaks as the term spectrum is used in the diagnoses of autism due to the wide behavioural characteristics, and breaks because it is a primarily holiday centre. The centre is open all year round.

For more information, click here to view their website or call 01983 864885 or 07973 174682