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Dynamite is the voice for the young people of Portsmouth aged 14-25 who have a disability(ie: Special Educational Need, Learning Disability or Physical Disability), to increase awareness and influence issues which concern their lives.

Dynamite would like to make Portsmouth a better place for young people with disabilities by:

  • Representing all young people with disabilities in Portsmouth
  • Enabling their voices to be heard
  • Challenging stereotypes of young people with disabilities
  • Meeting the diverse needs of young people with disabilities
  • Creating a lasting and trusted structure of affect change

Dynamite wants to empower young disabled people to understand what participation is and the change they can bring about. Dynamite would like services to be open and include disabled young people in the decision making process. Young disabled people have views and opinions that should be heard and listened to, to help services in Portsmouth improve.

For general enquiries or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact us either by email: or by phoning 07905 682886.