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Money and legal

There are a wide range of benefits and grants available to families and young people with additional needs. Finding out about what is available and more importantly how to apply for them can be extremely confusing. Likewise, knowing your legal rights can help you get the services you are entitled to. This section aims to make things clearer.


Benefits What benefits are available and how can you claim
Direct payments What are Direct Payments and how can you use them
Grants Grants are available for a wide range of things, find out more
Working Getting back to work? Help and guidance
Concessions for disability Saving money when you are out and about
Legal Knowing your rights as a parent/carer
Who else can help Organisations to contact for money and legal support and advice

Useful information

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Benefit Rate Increases more >
Benefits Cap more >
Carers Allowance more >
Council Tax more >
DLA more >
DLA Appeals more >
ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) more >
Housing Benefit more >
How to apply for direct payments more >
Personal Independence Payment more >
Tax Credits more >
Disability Grants more >
Family Fund more >
SkyBadger more >
Cerebra Wills and Trusts Scheme more >
Housing and Support Alliance more >
Waving not Drowning more >

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